Fibre-Optic Linear Heat Detection Interface for Pertronic F220/Net2 Systems

Fibre Optic

Pertronic Industries provides two solutions for integrating fibre-optic linear heat detection (LHD) into Pertronic fire systems via Modbus.

The Pertronic SPIB-LIOS connects a LIOS DE.TECT system with an F220 fire system. It is used in the M4 East fire system (page 4). The Pertronic SPIB-PWF8000 connects a Protectowire Fibre System 8000 with an F220 fire system.

Both interface units connect to the F220’s RS-485 bus. They can be mounted inside the fire panel, or at a remote location. These interfaces utilise the Pertronic F220’s loop emulation capability. Each zone on the LHD cable is mapped to a “heat detector” on an emulated analogue addressable loop. Each emulated detector can report pre-alarm & fibre break as well as alarm signals.

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