New Text Interfaces for Nurse Call, Printer, & Paging Systems


We introduce new printer + pager interfaces for F220 systems.

These interfaces export selected fire system events as serial text, suitable for printers, pagers, nurse-call systems, or other text-based systems.

Any event that appears on the system’s LCD display can be exported as text. The output message format is defined using an easily customised template.

For stand-alone fire panels, the text interface is based on our special-purpose interface board (SPIB). The SPIB-NCPP interface is configured using a PC terminal emulation app.

In Net2 Network systems with v7 or later firmware, the text interface consists of a dedicated Net2 Network Card configured in FireUtils® as a Printer/Pager Node. This interface can access any event on the network or any connected F220 fire panel. However, when used as a text interface, the Net2 Network card can not interface a fire panel to the network.


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