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The FAAST smoke detectors use standard aspiration fire detection pipe network components, such as pipes, elbows and couplings.

The components listed on this datasheet include all the pipe, fittings and related elements required to complete pipe networks designed in the FAAST PipeIQ™ software. Fittings are rated for continuous service of 1,270 kPa at 65ºC.

Available Accessories

  • FAAST-PIPEW                       uPVC FAAST Aspirating Pipe
  • FAAST-PIPECPL                    PVC Pipe Coupling
  • FAAST45B-W                         PVC 45 º  Elbow
  • FAAST90B-W                         PVC 90 º Elbow
  • FAASTLRB-W                         Large Radius Bend
  • FAASTSRB-W                         Small Radius Bend
  • FAASTENDCAP-W                  PVC End Cap
  • FAAST-PIPET-W                     PVC Tee Fitting
  • FAAST-PIPECLIP                    PVC Pipe Clip
  • FAAST-PIPESPKIT                  Pipe Capiliary Kit 
  • FAAST-PIPECT                        FAAST Capiliary Tube
  • FAAST-PLABEL                       FAAST Sampling Point Labels
  • FAASTFILTER-LT-1                 FAAST LT Integral Filter
  • FAASTFILTER-30 Micron         FAAST 8000 & 9000 Series Filter
  • FAAST-USB-ETH                      USB to Ethernet Adapter

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