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Addressable Wall Mount Sounder


The LASS series Addressable Synchronised Sounders are loop-powered audible alarm devices that plug in to System Sensor analogue addressable detector bases such as the B501AUS.

Each LASS-series alarm device can be individually addressed by a fire alarm control panel over an analogue addressable loop. In a Pertronic F220 system, the control panel’s loop driver board controls the audible signals.

Tones from all LASS alarm devices connected to a single loop driver can be synchronised. An F220 loop driver can control two analogue addressable loops. So, all LASS devices on a pair of loops can be synchronised.

Two audible alarm tones can be controlled by the fire alarm panel. These tones indicate alarm Stage 1 (Evacuate) and alarm Stage 2 (Alert). The pair of tones may be configured from any one of four optional two-stage tone-sets. The sounder’s alarm is internally synchronised with the audible alarm.

LASS series alarm devices are compatible with the optional anti-tamper feature on the B501AUS and compatible detector bases.

The Addressable Synchronised Sounders (LASS-BSO-NC, LASS-WSO-NC) are independently certified as compliant with AS ISO 7240.3:2014.


  • Addressable audible alarm devices
  • Plug in to B501AUS and compatible detector bases
  • Sounders produce two-stage audible alarm signals synchronised to the audible alarms
  • Two volume settings, configurable by DIP switch
  • Four DIP switch configurable audible tone sets including ISO 8201 temporal pattern (T3) evacuation signals and AS 2220 evacuation and alert signals
  • Field test mode enabled by DIP Switch
  • DIP switches accessible only when the device is not plugged in to a base
  • All LASS devices on a loop pair can be synchronised in Pertronic F220 systems (Requires loop driver II firmware version 4.08.00 or later)
  • Compatible with detector base anti-tamper feature
  • Rotary address switches for loop address configuration
  • Base Sounder (LASS-BSO-NC) colour-matched to 200 Series detectors (Ivory)
  • Independently tested and SAI Global StandardsMark certified to AS ISO 7240.3:2014
  • Suitable for retrofit to Pertronic F120A systems using existing detector base(s)

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AA Wall Sounder, Ivory, Non Isolation, (requires B501AUS Base)

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