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Pertronic System Protects Southport’s Sundale Residential Apartments


Sundale is a 55-storey waterfront complex at Southport on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The development incorporates residential apartments, a hotel, secure covered parking, and 13 shops including Woolworths, cafés, restaurants, and beauty salon.

Australian Fire Systems Pty Ltd installed the Pertronic analogue addressable automatic fire detection and alarm system, which monitors more than 1,000 photo-electric smoke detectors. Approximately 550 individually addressable sounders provide local warning of smoke detector activations.

In the event of a fire, the fire indicator panel triggers an evacuation system with more than a hundred evacuation call-points and two thousand speakers. The analogue addressable detectors allow the fire indicating panel to identify the exact location of the source of any alarm. Based on this information, the evacuation system automatically evacuates the complex in an orderly manner.

The Pertronic fire indicator panel controls a system of fans which maintain air quality in key evacuation areas including stairwells and lobby.

F120 fans cropped

Fan Controls on the Pertronic Fire Indicator Panel

Sundale’s sprinkler system, installed by fire protection specialist Auscoast Fire Services Pty Ltd, is interfaced with the Pertronic system.

The Pertronic control equipment at Sundale is the heart of a comprehensive fire protection system.


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