EA60 & EA120 Speaker Walk Test Works for Everyone

EA60 Amplifier

The speaker walk test facility on Pertronic EA60 and EA120 amplifiers allows technicians to test the alarm system without annoying other people.

The factory default test signal is 24 decibels quieter than the alarm signal. Installation contractors report that this gives a good test of the speakers without annoying anyone.

“Speaker Walk Test” mode can be activated from the EA series amplifier’s built-in keyboard. When activated, the amplifier plays a 554 hertz tone for a period of one second, once every 3 seconds, until the test is manually turned off.

The factory default settings suit most applications. However, the walk test volume is easily adjusted. It can be set anywhere between zero and -30 dB relative to the alarm signal level.

The EA series amplifier walk test allows speaker testing at any convenient time of day (or night). There’s no need to wait until the building is empty.

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