New Pertronic F220 Power Supplies

F220 PSUs

All new Pertronic F220 fire panels are now manufactured with “V2” AS 7240.4 power supplies. The new power supplies provide increased output current during periods of high demand. They provide AS 7240.4-compliant charging for batteries up to 42 amp-hour capacity.

As with all Pertronic AS 7240.4 power supplies, the batteries can be changed without interrupting power delivery.

The 5 amp and 11 amp “V2” models are recommended spares replacements for existing Pertronic F220 AS 7240.4 power supplies.

Visit the product pages for more information: 24/5PSUV2-7240, 24/11PSUV2-7240, 24/22PSUV2-7240