New Power Supply for Larger F220 Systems

22AmpPSU 01

Our new AS 7240.4-compliant 22 amp dc power supply has now been released for larger Pertronic F220® systems.

Available in F220 fire panels and custom-built stand-alone power units, the 24/22PSUV2-7240 power supply is recommended for systems drawing up to 21.5 amps during an alarm incident, and up to 16 amps in non-alarm conditions.

The new power supply features an adaptive current-sharing algorithm that maximises the available load current during periods of high demand. Under normal conditions, the battery charging output delivers up to 5.2 amps, adequate for sealed lead-acid batteries up to 100 amp-hours. This leaves 16 amps available for the system load.

In a high-demand situation, such as a fire alarm, the battery charging output drops to a trickle, allowing the load to draw up to 21.5 amps.

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