Strobes with AS 7240.23 Illumination Pattern Now Available from Pertronic


A new range of indoor strobe lights is now available from Pertronic distribution offices. The Solista LX visual alarm devices produce the consistent illumination specified in Australian Standard AS ISO 7240.23.

Solista LX strobes are certified to EN54-23 (The European equivalent of AS ISO 7240.23). The product range includes wall-mount and ceiling-mount flashing beacons with configurable power levels and flash rate.

On high power the Solista LX wall-mount strobes provide 7.5-metre room coverage, with a 2.4-metre maximum mounting height (W-2.4-7.5). The ceiling strobes on high power provide a 7.5-metre diameter coverage area with a 3 metre maximum mounting height (C-3-7.5). Each strobe has a low power setting that allows the current consumption to be reduced when the strobe is used in a smaller space.

On a 24-volt system such as a Pertronic F220 fire alarm, each Solista LX strobe draws 25 mA on high power or 16 mA on low power, with the flash rate set to 1 Hz. This low current consumption may be further reduced by configuring the strobe to flash at 2-second intervals (0.5 Hz).

Product Code


Coverage Specification


LX Solista Ceiling VAD AS7240 White Base, Red Strobe



LX Solista Ceiling VAD AS7240 White Base, White Strobe



LX Solista Wall VAD AS7240 Red Base, Red Strobe



LX Solista Wall VAD AS7240 Red Base, White Strobe


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Updated 27 July 2018: "radius" in original text replaced with "diameter"