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Conventional Beam Smoke Detector


The BEAM1224 is a four wire conventional Reflected Linear Beam Smoke detector. It is uniquely suited for protecting open-areas with high ceilings where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain. Installation of the single-ended reflective design is much easier than dual-ended Beam detectors. Alignment is quickly accomplished using an optical sight and a 2-digit signal strength meter incorporated into the product. Listed for operation between -30 °C and 55 °C, the BEAM1224 provides early warning in environments where temperature extremes exceed the capability of other types of smoke detection. Heater kits are available for use in very low temperatures.


  • 5 m to 100 m protection range
  • Single ended, reflected optical beam design
  • Digital display for easy alignment
  • Built-in automatic drift compensation for signal deterioration from dust build up
  • Calibrated reflector for sensitivity testing
  • Remote test station optional (fire and fault indication, test and isolate key-switch)
  • BEAM1224 is suitable for 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc operation 6 user selectable sensitivity levels

Click here to download the white paper: Beam Detection Systems

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Conventional Beam Smoke Detector c/w 70 Metre Reflector

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