Analogue Addressable Detectors

Pertronic Industries Intelligent Smoke Detectors cater for a wide range of detection applications. Each analogue addressable detector reports the precise location and zone of a fire incident to the fire alarm control panel.

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Acclimate, Photo & Thermal


2251TMBPI Acclimate sensor is a true multi-criteria fire sensor, incorporating a photoelectric smoke chamber with a supplementary 63 °C Type “B” thermal sensor. It uses advanced on board software to combined the signals from the photo and thermal elements to reduce nuisance alarms.

Address selection from 1 to 159 on Pertronic F220.


  • Analogue addressable communications
  • Stable communication technique with noise immunity
  • Three individual Smoke Sensitivity thresholds (3.3 %/m - 13 %/m)
  • Two automatically adjusting Smoke Sensitivity thresholds
  • 63ºC Fixed Temperature Alarm Point (Type “B”)
  • Low Standby Current
  • Rotary Address Switches, 1 to 159
  • Detectors per loop: 1 to 99 on F100A and 1 to 159 on F220
  • Dual Red LEDs for 360º visibility
  • Optional Remote LED accessory
  • Also compatible with Pertronic F100A and F120A

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AA Acclimate Multi-Criteria Smoke Detector - Ivory


AA Acclimate Multi-Criteria Smoke Detector - White

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