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Extinguishing Agent Release Controller


The Pertronic Extinguishing Agent Release Controller (AGENTRELEASEC) is designed for installation in a fire indicator panel (FIP), which may be a Pertronic F220 or F100A analogue addressable FIP, or a third-party panel.

Multiple Extinguishing Agent Release Controllers may be fitted in a single panel. Each controller requires at least one Pertronic Agent Control Station (ACS), which is mounted adjacent to the controller.

The controller provides automatic and manual operating modes.

In automatic mode, two independent alarm signals from the FIP are required to activate the agent release process (“double-knock”). One alarm signal initiates Stage 1 activation. A second alarm signal starts Stage 2 activation: The agent release process begins when both alarm inputs are active.

Manual Activation is initiated by manually activating a release device (Manual call point with break glass and lift flap) on the FIP or any connected control station.

Automatic Stage 2 Activation, or Manual Activation, starts the agent release delay timer. Time to Discharge indicators on connected control stations and remote audio-visual signs show the time in seconds until the controller triggers the release of the extinguishing agent. The agent release delay timer may be paused by activation of a lock-off valve, or by an interlock activation (such as a connected door or vent switch). Extinguishing agent release may be aborted by pressing the Auto Release Disabled button on any connected control station. Pressing the Auto Release Disabled button at any time disables automatic operation of the controller.


  • Compatible with Pertronic F220, F120A, and F100A fire indicator panels
  • Automatic or Manual agent release process
  • Automatic delay is configurable, from 5 seconds to 90 seconds
  • Manual delay configurable, independent of automatic delay, from 5 seconds to 90 seconds
  • Communicates with up to ten control stations (ACS or LCS) including the primary ACS
  • RS485 bus for communication with control stations
  • Automatic release can be aborted from any control station
  • Multiple controllers can be manually triggered from a single device
  • Agent release output hold time configurable: 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 5 minutes
  • Low pressure fault input configurable for normally-open or normally-closed activation
  • Pressure switch feedback confirms release (optional)
  • On-board Detonator Isolate switch
  • Configurable single-knock option allows the agent release process (“Stage 2 Activation”) to be initiated by a single alarm signal
  • Firmware upgradeable via USB
  • Meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS ISO 14520.1-2009

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