Net2 Network System

Net2 Network System

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The Pertronic Net2 Network connects multiple fire alarm control panels, Net2 NCUs and Net2 remote displays into a single fault-tolerant system. 

On a Pertronic Net2 Network:

  • Any or all connected panels can be controlled and monitored from any Net2 Network Control Unit (Net2 NCU)
  • Information from any connected panel(s) can be viewed on any Net2 NCU or Net2 remote display
  • Events anywhere on the network can trigger or influence events at any connected panel
  • System time in all connected panels, control units and mimic displays is automatically synchronised

A Pertronic Net2 system includes multiple Pertronic Net2 Network Cards (“nodes”). Each network card may connect to one F220 fire alarm control panel, monitoring and controlling up to 3,180 sensors and 1,980 input / output devices. In addition, a network card may connect with up to eight Net2 NCUs, each of which may provide full control and monitoring of any or all fire detection and alarm systems connected to the network.

Net2 Network Cards can be up to 20 kilometres apart with dual single-mode fibre-optic cable. Any node-to-node segment may have twisted-pair copper cable with a length of up to one kilometre.

System Features:

  • Up to 100,000 panel-to-panel entity mappings per Net2 network system
  • 5,000 entity mappings to any individual panel 
  • 999 configurable network inputs per panel (multiple entities may be mapped to each input)
  • Plain text descriptors for network inputs and mappings
  • High-speed upload and download of network configuration files: Typically less than 1 minute for a 34-panel network via Ethernet
  • Automatic system clock synchronisation across the entire network 
  • Automatic clock adjustment for daylight saving
  • System time and date can be adjusted from any panel
  • Network is programmable from a single point using Ethernet-connected Pertronic FireUtils®
  • Users can reset or disable individual loop devices, alarm routing, timers, logic blocks, and network inputs from any Net2 NCU
  • Loop devices can be tested from any Net2 NCU
  • Plug-in fibre-optic modules allow the standard network interface to support a mix of copper and / or fibre-optic network segments
  • Fault-tolerant bi-directional ring architecture
  • A single cable fault anywhere in the Net2 Ring Circuit will not interrupt network operation
  • Automatic earth fault detection on twisted-pair copper (RS-485) network segments
  • Complies with relevant Australian standards
  • Independently tested by an IANZ-accredited laboratory

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