Audio Distribution Module


The Pertronic Audio Distribution Module 4-Way (ADM-4) provides multiple independently controlled and monitored 100 Vrms audio lines (channels). Serveral ADM-4 modules may be connected to a single amplifier, providing four switchable audio channels per ADM-4. This simplifies audio system installations by allowing four or more spurs from a single 100 Volt audio line without compromising the defect monitoring system.

A system built with ADM-4 modules will continue operating even if some channels develop faults. If any channel becomes short-circuited, output on all channels will be interrupted. After a brief delay (about 20 seconds), the shorted channel will be disconnected. Output will then resume on the unaffected channels. The monitoring system will continue to monitor the shorted channel, and it will automatically reconnect the channel if the fault is cleared.


  • Simplifies installation of audio evacuation systems by providing multiple monitored audio channels
  • Multiple units can be connected together, providing four channels per unit
  • A short circuit on one channel will be isolated allowing audio transmission over the other channels
  • Channel Select input provides individual channel switching
  • Superior 80 Watt per channel switching capacity
  • On-board DIP switch allows individual channels to be permanently selected
  • Separate open-circuit (O/C) and short-circuit (S/C) fault indicators for each channel
  • Control inputs can be isolated from the on-board circuitry
  • User selectable End of Line input resistor to suit amplifier specifications
  • Compatible with Pertronic 20 Watt & 50 Watt amplifiers, and amplifiers controlled by the Pertronic EVAC Generator Module



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