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Pertronic Industries offer an extensive range of Mimic and Repeater Displays. This includes: LCD Mimics, LED Mimics, Ancillary Peripheral Outputs & Displays, and General Purpose Interface Boards

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LED Display Boards

LED Boards

The RS485 LED Display Units (F100PDB & F100PDB12) are repeater / mimic displays that connect to the RS-485 Mimic Bus of Pertronic F220, and F100A fire panels. These displays may also be connected to the Pertronic Network Card (NETCARD) RS-485 Mimic Bus.

The 12-way LED display board (F100PDB12) has eight LED zone indicators and four global indicators; Sprinkler, Fire, Defect and Normal. 

Additional 8-way display boards (F100PDB) expand the number of LEDs up to the fire alarm control panel's maximum capacity. (Please refer to the relevant fire alarm control panel datasheet for details). An optional 8-way display relay board may be used for relay control.

The LED display boards may be installed within a fire panel for local indication, or may be mounted in a selection of separate customised cabinets for remote indication of the panel status.


  • RS485 LED Mimic Address set by jumpers
  • Robust microprocessor based SMD design
  • Onboard fault diagnostic LED indicator
  • Fully monitored by the fire alarm control panel
  • Six onboard system function inputs (12-way LED only)
  • Four onboard system function outputs (12-way LED only)
  • 12 x LED pull downs available (12-way LED) or 8 x LED pull downs available (8-way LED)
  • Also compatible with Pertronic F120A

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12 Way Smart LED Display Board for F100A,F120A,F16E


8 Way LED Display Extension Board for F100A,F120A,F16E

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