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50W Amplifier Preamp

EVAC50PREA small

The 50W Amplifier Preamp is a piggyback board designed to enable the connection of a public address or fire microphone to the Pertronic Industries 50W Amplifier.

The 50W Amplifier Preamp is easily connected to the 50W Amplifier by simply plugging it into two provided connectors. No separate supply or connection is needed.

The microphone input is balanced for maximum noise immunity, and is designed specifically for moving coil microphones. A switch input is available for monitoring a ‘Push to talk’ switch. A 100 mVrms line input is provided for when a preamplified signal is used, as in a noisy environment or for a remote microphone.

Jumpers are available on the board for selecting which mode the amplifier is to operate in. Operation of the 50W Amplifier Preamp is country specific. 

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Pre-Amp (Mic I/P) for EVAC50W24V Amplifier



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