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Laser Based Photoelectric


This product has been replaced by the 7351.

200 Series intelligent plug-in Pinnacle smoke sensors, model 7251, have a laser-based photo-electric smoke chamber, giving a highly stable smoke response for sensitivities from 0.06%/m to 6.41%/m obscuration. Analogue addressable communications provide features that far surpass those of conventional detectors and advanced software algorithms to analyse and filter the response from the patented light amplifier ensure a high degree of resistance to nuisance alarms.
Manufactured by System Sensor, reliability is assured with a three-year warranty from date of manufacture.
Individual sensor alarm thresholds are programmable within the control panel software. The F220 control panel can utilise the 9 sensitivities available from a single sensor and respond accordingly. The smoke levels within the sensor are continuously monitored and reported to the panel. With the 200 Series addressable capability, each sensor’s address is easily set with decade address switches, giving the precise location of each sensor in the event of a fire or for selective maintenance when chamber contamination reaches specified levels.


  • Analogue addressable communications
  • Stable communication technique with noise immunity
  • Nine individual smoke sensitivity thresholds (0.06 - 6.41%/m obscuration)
  • Suitable for use in clean rooms with very high sensitivity for early warning
  • Four levels of maintenance alert
  • Low standby current
  • Rotary address switches, 1 to 99
  • 99 sensors per Loop
  • Dual red LEDs for 360º visibility
  • Optional remote LED accessory
  • Also compatible with Pertronic F100A and F120A

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AA Laser Smoke Detector - Ivory


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