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3W Low Profile Ceiling Speaker


The PSS3-LP is a 88mm (3.5”) in-ceiling speaker with built-in 100Vrms line transformer and 22µF DC blocking capacitor. The 100V transformer reduces line losses for longer line distances and allows easy parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers. The blocking capacitor allows DC monitoring of the speaker circuit.

The 88mm speaker is designed for a wide frequency response of 100-16kHz. The unit has multiple power taps of 0.33W, 0.66W, 1.25W and 3W, for different applications, depending on room size and ambient noise conditions. The body is coloured an attractive RAL9016 colour, the spring clamps make for an easy and secure installation and ease of service access.

The PSS3-LP is an ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications such as in hotels, schools, offices, hospitals, and factories. Note, however, that this speaker is not appropriate in situations where exposure to moisture, extreme humidity, severe vibration, dust, smoke, static electricity, or steam is expected.


  • Ideal for low profile false ceilings and surface mounting
  • Quick-fit mounting clamps for ceiling installation
  • Built-in 100VRMS transfer with protective cover
  • 22µF bipolar blocking capacitor included
  • 88mm (3.5") speaker unit
  • Power taps of 0.33W, 0.66W, 1.25W and 3W @ 100V
  • Plastic speaker body colour is RAL9016 White

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3.5" (88mm) Ceiling Speaker 3W 108mm Cut Out, White, Low Profile



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