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AS 4428.1 Analogue Addressable Fire Panel


This product has been replaced by the F220.

Approved to Australian standard AS 4428.1

Note: Use Pertronic F220 for AS 7240.2 requirements

The Pertronic F120A is a modular, expandable, intelligent fire alarm control panel, capable of monitoring more than five thousand addressable devices including up to 3,180 sensors and 1,980 input or output modules. Intuitive, versatile programmable features, and a large selection of options, ensure that the F120A is readily tailored to individual project requirements.

Fire system events such as alarm signals from heat or smoke sensors and manual call points are uniquely identified on the user-friendly display. Configurable text descriptions allow users to determine the precise location of any active device.

The Pertronic range of peripheral devices for the F120A include a full range of alerting products such as sounders, strobe lights, beacons, audio-visual signs, amplifiers, speakers, audible warning and evacuation systems, and internet and SMS (text-messaging) interfaces.

The F120A facilitates building response features such as air handling, lift (elevator) control, sprinkler monitoring, door control and extinguishing agent release.

A range of LCD and LED mimic panels provide optional remote display, control and monitoring capabilities. The F120A is fully compatible with Pertronic FireMap PC Graphics and the Pertronic Network.

F120A complies with AS 4428.1, however, it does not comply with the current Australian fire alarm standard AS 7240.2.


Standard Features

  • Standard F120A control panel with LCD display, fire-fighter, and engineer controls
  • Lockable front door with windows
  • Two analogue addressable loop circuits (Expandable up to twenty loops)
  • Two monitored sounder (External Bell, warning) circuits
  • Monitored Ancillary Control Function (ACF) output
  • Fire, Fault, and Battery Fail relay outputs
  • Door holder relay output
  • Programmable (General Purpose) relay output
  • Isolate controls for: Warning System, External Bell, ACF, Door Holder
  • Daily automatic system integrity test
  • Serial port for PC programming and interrogation via the user-friendly Pertronic utility application
  • Serial communications bus (RS 485) for networking with other fire alarm control panels and for interfacing to LCD and LED mimic panels and peripheral devices
  • Standard Cabinets: 16U, 28U Slim, 28U Deep, 40U Deep, Double 40U
  • Weatherproof cabinets (window optional): 16U, 28U


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