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Warning System Control Unit

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Pertronic Analogue Addressable Fire Indicator Panel’s Warning System Control Unit can manually control evacuation warning systems. The units are normally mounted on standard Pertronic Control Plates.

The Warning System Control Unit provides manual Public Address (PA), manual Alert (ALERT), manual Evacuation (EVAC), and manual Isolate (ISOL) functions, when used with a 50 W EVAC50W24V-A Evacuation Amplifier and / or Evac Generator EVACGEN-EA (with EVAC120W24V or EVAC250W24V) amplifiers.

The Warning System Control Module in conjunction with the Evac Zone Select Master Unit / Slave and Audio Distribution Module provides the user the abilityto select different audio functions and distribute the audio to the selected zone.

Useful for testing the BOWS, or manual activation of individual zone with PA, Alert or Evac tones.

The Evacuation Zone Select Slave Unit is an expansion module for a system using a WARNSYSCON, EVACZONESELM and more than one ADM-4.

The Warning System Control, Evac Zone Select Master Unit and Slave Units are fully compatible with Pertronic Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems F220, F120A and F100A


  • All the modules mounted on standard Pertronic Control Plate
  • Warning System Control gives manual control of an Evac amplifier for ISOL, PA, EVAC and ALERT
  • Evac Zone Select Master module enables manual control of individual ADM-4 Evac zones
  • Each Evac Zone Select Slave Unit controls an additional ADM-4 board
  • Warning System Control Unit (WARNSYSCON) may be used alone, or with the Evac Zone Select Master Unit (EVACZONESELM) and Evac Zone Select Slave Unit(s) (EVACZONESELS)
  • A system utilising the Evac Zone Select Unit(s) (EVACZONESELS) requires one Evac Zone Select Master Unit (EVACZONESELM)

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