F220/Net2 Network

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F220/Net2 Network

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The Pertronic Net2 Network connects multiple fire alarm control panels, Net2 Network Control Units and Net2 remote displays into a single fault-tolerant system.

On a Pertronic Net2 Network:

  • Any or all connected panels can be controlled and monitored from any Net2 Network Control Unit (Net2 NCU)
  • Information from any connected panel(s) can be viewed on any Net2 NCU or Net2 remote display
  • Events anywhere on the network can trigger or influence events at any connected panel

A Pertronic Net2 Network may include up to 133 Net2 Network Cards (“nodes”). Each network card may be configured to interface one of the following devices to the Net2 Network:

  • F220 fire alarm control panel (FACP)
  • Modbus master device
  • Pertronic FireMap® work-station

A network may have multiple Modbus and/or FireMap interfaces.

In addition, a network card may connect with up to eight Net2 NCUs or Net2 remote displays. Each Net NCU may provide full control and monitoring of any or all networked fire panels. (Please refer to the datasheet for details.)

Adaptive messaging in the Pertronic Net2 Network prioritises alarms and important control signals to ensure rapid transmission even under extreme network load situations.


  • Up to 100,000 panel-to-panel object mappings per Net2 Network System
  • 5,000 object mappings to any individual fire panel
  • 640 configurable network inputs per fire panel (multiple objects may be mapped to each input)
  • 359 logical inputs per fire panel
  • Supports zone numbers from 0 to 64,999
  • Bi-directional Modbus interface provides:
    • 3,000 Boolean Nodal Mapping Objects (NMOs)
    • Ability to map up to 8 timers from any panels on the network to Modbus registers. (Multiple timers may be mapped to a single register. The total number of mapped timers must not exceed 8.)
    • Mappable I/O watchdog
  • Plain text descriptors for network inputs, NMOs, NCUs, and remote displays (mini-mimics)
  • Plug-in fibre-optic modules allow the standard network interface to support a mix of twisted-pair copper (RS-485) and/or fibre-optic network segments
  • A single cable fault anywhere in the Net2 Ring Circuit will not interrupt network operation
  • Automatic fault supervision system detects a range of faults including earth faults on copper segments, circuit breaks, and panel or node configuration changes
  • The network is programmable using Pertronic FireUtils® via a single password-protected Ethernet connection.
  • Upload times for typical networks:
    • 34 nodes: Less than one minute
    • 130 nodes: Less than five minutes
  • Automatic system-wide clock synchronisation
  • Automatic clock adjustment for daylight saving
  • System time and date adjustable from any panel
  • Users can reset or disable individual loop devices, alarm routing, timers, logic blocks, and network inputs from any Net2 NCU
  • Loop devices can be tested from any Net2 NCU
  • Recent Network Event log, and FACP logs, accessible from Net2NCUs, panels, and full function panel mimics
  • FACP logs downloadable to FireUtils® from any node
  • A 133-node Pertronic Net2 Network System has been independently certified for compliance with AS 7240.13: 2006 by an IANZ-accredited laboratory

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