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Addressable Base Sounder-Strobe


The LASS series Addressable Synchronised Detector Base Sounder-Strobe (LASS-BSS-NC) is loop-powered audible and visual alarm device that plug in to System Sensor analogue addressable detector base such as the B501.

Each LASS-series alarm device can be individually activated (addressed) by a fire alarm control panel over an analogue addressable loop. In a Pertronic F220 or F120A system, the control panel’s loop driver board controls the audible and visual signals. Tones and light flashes from all LASS alarm devices connected to a single loop driver can be synchronised, provided that the loop driver is fitted with firmware version 4.08.00 or later. An F220 loop driver can control two analogue addressable loops. So, all LASS devices on a pair of loops can be synchronised.

Two audible alarm tones can be controlled by the fire alarm panel. These tones indicate alarm Stage 1 (Evacuate) and alarm Stage 2 (Alert). The pair of tones may be configured from any one of four optional two-stage tone-sets. The sounder-strobe’s visual alarm is internally synchronised with the audible alarm.

LASS series alarm devices are compatible with the optional anti-tamper feature on the B501 and compatible detector bases. When activated, the anti-tamper feature inhibits unauthorised removal of the alarm device.

The Addressable Synchronised Detector Base Sounder-Strobe (LASS-BSS-NC) is independently certified as compliant with AS ISO 7240.3:2014.


  • Addressable visual alarm device
  • Plug in to B501 and compatible detector bases Compatible with 200 Series detectors
  • Sounder-strobes produce two-stage audible alarm signals with light-flash patterns synchronised to the audible alarms
  • Two volume settings, configurable by DIP switch
  • Four DIP switch configurable audible tone sets including ISO8201 temporal pattern (T3) evacuation signals
  • Field test mode enabled by DIP Switch
  • DIP switches accessible only when the device is not plugged in to a base
  • All LASS devices on a loop pair can be synchronised in Pertronic F120A and F220 systems (Requires loop driver II firmware version 4.08.00 or later)
  • Compatible with detector base anti-tamper feature
  • Rotary address switches for loop address configuration
  • Body colour matched to System Sensor 200 Series detectors (Ivory) 
  • Suitable for retrofit to Pertronic F120A systems using existing detector base(s)
  • Independently tested and SAI Global StandardsMark certified to AS ISO 7240.3:2014

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AA Detector Base Sounder-Strobe (red), Ivory Base, Non Isolation, (requires B501AUS Base)

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