Aspirating Smoke Detection

Aspirating smoke detectors deliver highly accurate standard detection, early warning fire detection, and very early warning fire detection for a variety of applications including mission-critical facilities such as data centres

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VESDA VSC Installation Program V3.09.00

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Xtralis VESDA System Configurator (VSC) is the management and configuration application for Xtralis fire and gas detection systems including VESDA and ICAM smoke and gas detectors and ancillary devices. Xtralis VSC can configure a single device or an entire Xtralis system.

A system configuration can be created offline, and then uploaded to the system on-site.

Xtralis VSC’s file management enables designers to specify standardized device configuration settings according to facility management policies and email them to on-site engineers. The comparison/merge tool enables users to immediately identify changes made between visits, create audit reports, or revert to previously agreed configurations.

Xtralis VSC provides remote access to an Xtralis system via several networking options.


  • Comprehensive configuration and commissioning of all Xtralis fire detection systems
  • Merging and comparison of data between online and offline configurations
  • Automatic detection of networked devices
  • Smoke trend charts
  • Real-time active event list
  • Sorting and filtering of system events
  • Remote management support via serial or IP networking
  • Multi-language support
  • Customisable software views
  • Caching of smoke trend data
  • Replaces the "V – Config Pro" software

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