Aspirating Smoke Detection

Aspirating smoke detectors deliver highly accurate standard detection, early warning fire detection, and very early warning fire detection for a variety of applications including mission-critical facilities such as data centres

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The VESDA-E VES is an aspirating smoke detector with four individually addressable inlet pipes (sectors).

Airflow from the four sectors is controlled by a valve mechanism in the inlet manifold, together with software in the VES detector.

The VES enables the source of smoke to be located. To achieve this, it monitors all sectors in use. If the measured smoke level in a sector is higher than the user-set alarm threshold, an alarm condition is reported for that sector. The first sector in which the smoke level exceeds the threshold is reported as the first alarm sector (FAS). If two or more sectors reach the threshold at the same time, the sector with the highest smoke concentration is designated as the First Alarm Sector (FAS). After a FAS has been identified, the VES continues to monitor all four sectors to track fire growth and maintain full protection of the area.

The VES provides four individually configurable alarm levels (Alert, Action, Fire 1 and Fire 2) for each sector.

The VES incorporates VESDA Flair detection.The Flair detection chamber uses CMOS imaging, multi-directional light scattering and sophisticated algorithms for smoke detection and particle type characterisation. If the detected smoke level is greater than the set alarm thresholds it is reported as an Alert, Action, Fire 1 or Fire 2 alarm condition.

Alarms can be signaled via Relays and/or VESDAnet.


  • Sector addressability for up to four sectors
  • Adaptive scan threshold
  • Flair detection technology delivers reliable very early warning in a wide range of environments with minimal nuisance alarms
  • Multi stage filtration and optical protection with clean air barriers
  • Four configurable alarm levels per sector
  • Wide sensitivity range
  • VES-A10-P:
    • LEDs: Alert, Action, Fire 1, Fire 2, Disabled, Fault and Power
    • Controls: Reset and Disable button
    • 3.5 inch colour touch-screen
  • VES-A00-P:
    • LED Display: Alert, Action, Fire 1, Fire 2, Disabled, Fault and Power
    • Controls: Reset and Disable button
  • Flow fault thresholds per port accommodate varying airflow conditions
  • Smart on-board filter retains dust count and remaining filter life
  • Event log (20,000 events)
  • AutoLearn™ smoke and flow
  • Compatible with VESDAnet
  • Secondary monitoring and maintenance via WiFi or Ethernet
  • Configurable via Ethernet with Xtralis configuration software
  • USB for PC configuration, and firmware upgrade using a memory stick
  • Two programmable GPIs (1 monitored) for flexible remote control
  • Backward compatible with VESDA VLS aspirating smoke detector
  • Independently tested and Activfire listed to AS 7240.20:2012 (afp-3424)

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VESDA-E Scanner with LED Display


VESDA-E Scanner with 3.5" LCD display

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