Analogue Addressable Detectors

Pertronic Industries Intelligent Smoke Detectors cater for a wide range of detection applications. Each analogue addressable detector reports the precise location and zone of a fire incident to the fire alarm control panel.

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22051TLE Detector

Photo Thermal & IR


The analogue addressable PTIR Multi-Criteria smoke detector (22051TLE-34-IV) combines three sensing elements into one unit:

  • Photoelectric sensor: for monitoring smoke
  • Thermal sensor: for measuring temperature
  • IR sensor: for measuring ambient light levels and flame signature

The detector incorporates intelligent detection algorithms which measure and process individual sensor outputs. The PTIR detector is highly immune to nuisance sources which may be incorrectly identified as a fire by a single sensing element. However, it is very sensitive to real fires. The loop address is configured with rotary address switches on the detector base.

Alarm thresholds are configurable in the fire alarm control panel. The detector continuously monitors the amount of smoke, heat, and infra-red. If a potential alarm condition is detected, the detector reports a sensor level between 1 and 6 to the fire alarm control panel. The panel can be configured to respond as appropriate to the sensor level.

The loop address allows the panel to identify each detector’s location, in the event of a fire, or for maintenance when chamber contamination reaches an unacceptable level. Two LEDs on the detector housing provide 360° visual indication of system operation.


  • High nuisance alarm immunity
  • Three-sensor multi-criteria fire detector incorporating photo, thermal and IR (infra-red) sensing elements » Advanced detection algorithms interpret and respond to the sensor signals
  • Viable performance replacement for ionising detectors
  • Six sensitivity levels
  • Fully integrated infrared sensing to support the fire alarm decision
  • Automatic drift compensation of smoke sensor
  • Rotary decade address switches, 1 to 99
  • Dual Red indicating LEDs for 360º visibility
  • Remote indicator LED accessory
  • Magnet test function bypasses inbuilt delays
  • ActivFire: afp -2839

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