Analogue Addressable Detectors

Pertronic Industries Intelligent Smoke Detectors cater for a wide range of detection applications. Each analogue addressable detector reports the precise location and zone of a fire incident to the fire alarm control panel.

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7251CPI Detector

IA Pinnacle Detector, C Series


The 7251CPI C Series Pinnacle™ smoke detector is a high sensitivity intelligent addressable photoelectric detector for applications requiring sensitivity settings over and above the performance of standard photoelectric detector. It is designed for very early warning fire detection, and is suitable for protecting valuable assets and operational systems that must remain functioning at all times. The 7251CPI achieves detection levels up to approximately 100 times more sensitive than a standard photoelectric detector.

This detector features a smoke sensing chamber designed to detect smoke and diminish stray internal reflections that can cause nuisance alarms. These features were developed to satisfy stringent nuisance alarm immunity tests defined in the US smoke detector standard, UL 268 edition 7.

A suitably configured fire panel will display the location of any detector which has initiated an alarm, fault, or maintenance signal.


  • Intelligent addressable (IA) communication with fire panel
  • Very early warning fire detection capability
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Stable communication with excellent noise immunity
  • Fire panel may be configured with separate alarm, fault, and maintenance thresholds for each individual detector
  • Rotary address switches for setting the address on the intelligent addressable loop
  • Fire panel identifies active detectors by lighting up two red LEDs on the detector housing
  • LEDs briefly light up (“blink”) when the detector is polled
  • LED blink may be disabled via the fire panel configuration
  • Dual LEDs for visibility from all normal viewing angles 
  • Optional remote LED indicator available
  • Magnet test function activates detector and bypasses inbuilt delays to facilitate testing
  • Compatible with B501AUS, B501AP, and other System Sensor intelligent addressable bases
  • Compatible bases provide an optional anti-tamper feature that prevents removal of the detector without a tool
  • Compatible with Pertronic F100A, F220 and F120A fire panels
  • SAI Global StandardsMark listed to AS 7240.7:2004, certificate SMHK25312

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IA Pinnacle High Sensitivity Smoke Detector C Series - White excl Base

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