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20/20ML UV/IR

SharpEye Mini UV + IR Flame Detector


The SharpEye Mini UV/IR Flame Detector (20/20ML) is a compact flame detector featuring high sensitivity combined with enhanced nuisance alarm immunity.

This product is designed to detect hydroxy and hydrogen fires, metal and inorganic fires, as well as hydrocarbon fires at distances up to 15 m.

The UV/IR flame detector senses energy in both the ultraviolet and infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The UV sensor incorporates a special logic circuit that helps prevent nuisance activation caused by solar radiation. The signals from both sensors are analyzed for frequency, intensity and duration. Simultaneous detection of radiant energy in both the UV and IR sensors triggers an alarm signal.


  • Dual UV (0.185 - 0.260 micron) and IR (2.5 - 3 micron) sensors
  • 50 msec response to saturated signal
  • Large field of view (100° horizontal/vertical)
  • Alarm and Fault relays
  • Industry-standard 4-20 mA 3 or 4-wire output
  • Modbus compatible RS-485 interface
  • User programmable functions
  • Configurable via software from a PC or handheld device
  • Immune to nuisance alarms (solar blind)
  • Automatic and manual built in test
  • 316L stainless steel housing
  • FM Approved for functionality
  • MIL-STD-810C for Humidity, Salt & Fog, Vibration, Mechanical Shock, High Temp, Low Temp
  • Water and dust protection to IP67 and NEMA 250 6P

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Spectrex UV + IR Detector c/w Tilt Mount

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