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M210EA-CZR Module

Conventional Zone Interface Module


The Conventional Zone Interface (M210EA-CZR) links a conventional detection zone to a Pertronic intelligent addressable fire panel (such as the F220), via the addressable loop.

The conventional detection zone can be powered from the intelligent addressable loop circuit, or from an external 24 Vdc power supply. Where the conventional zone is powered from an external power supply, the loop is fully isolated from the conventional zone and from the power supply.

The M210EA-CZR may be used with detection zones in hazardous areas requiring intrinsically safe equipment. For hazardous area applications, a suitable intrinsically safe barrier must be used. Please refer to the Installation Instructions for details.

The M210EA-CZR has a single tri-colour green/red/yellow LED, which can be set by panel command to pulse green each time the module is polled. The fire panel can be configured to switch the red indicator on continuously in the event of an alarm. The indicator blinks yellow if the module detects a power supply fault, detection zone fault, or a short-circuit on the loop.


  • Individually addressable by the fire panel
  • Detection zone supervised for open-circuit and short-circuit faults
  • Inbuilt current limiting resistor
  • Powered by loop circuit or 24 volt dc external power supply
  • Tri-colour indicator LED
  • Automatic detection of short-circuits on intelligent addressable circuit
  • Short-circuit isolator
  • Optional isolator bypass
  • Screwdriver operated rotary address switches, accessible from front and one side
  • Clips for top hat 35 mm DIN rail
  • Indicator LEDs and address switches accessible and visible in both DIN-rail and surface mount installations
  • Two mounting holes
  • Fits M200E-SMB surface-mount box
  • Compatible with Pertronic F220 and F100A fire panels
  • Uses one address on the intelligent addressable circuit
  • Supplied complete with one 3.9 kΩ end of line resistor
  • ActivFire listed (afp-3765) to AS ISO 7240.17:2015 and AS ISO 7240:18:2015
  • Direct replacement for M210E-CZR in existing Pertronic systems

Hazardous Areas

  • WARNING: The information on this website must not be treated as complete instructions for the design, construction, installation, commissioning, or maintenance of systems in hazardous areas. Cabling and fire system devices in hazardous areas must be designed and installed by appropriately qualified persons in accordance with all applicable standards and regulations.
  • When the M210EA-CZR is used with an intrinsically safe barrier, a short circuit on the hazardous area side of the barrier will trigger an alarm. Only a short on the module side of the safety barrier will generate a fault signal.
  • The maximum recommended number of conventional IS devices used with each CZR module and barrier is 20, and the minimum external power supply is 23V.

Conventional Areas

  • When used with System Sensor conventional 100, 300, 400 and ECO100 series detectors, a 470-ohm resistor base must be used. (B401R  Conventional Detector Base with 470 Ohm Resistor)
  • The maximum recommended number of conventional devices used with each CZR module is 20, and the minimum external power supply is 18V.

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AA Euro Conventional Zone Module (Uses M200E-SMB Box)

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