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M201EA-240 Module

Mains Switching Output Module


The M201EA-240 Analogue Addressable Mains Switching Output Module provides an unsupervised double pole (one normally open, one normally closed) output suitable for switching 240 V ac loads.

The output relay latches in the on or off position, on command from the control panel.

The M201EA-240 has a single tri-colour green/red/yellow indicator, which can be set by panel command to pulse green each time the module is polled. The indicator blinks yellow if the module detects a fault condition.

This module features a built-in isolator on the analogue addressable circuit. The isolator may be bypassed (Please refer to the installation instructions for details).

Screwdriver operated rotary switches allow the module address to be configured from either the front or one side of the module.

Two mounting holes and a pair of DIN rail clips allow the module to be installed in any type of enclosure, including a purpose-built surface-mount box (M200E-SMB). The indicator LEDs and address switches are accessible and visible in both DIN-rail and surface mount installations.


  • Individually addressable by the fire panel
  • Capable of switching
    • 5 amps (resistive) at 250 V ac
    • 5 amps (resistive) at 30 V dc
  • Tri-colour indicator LED visible from front and one side
  • Automatic detection of short-circuits on AA circuit
  • AA circuit short-circuit isolator
  • Optional isolator bypass
  • Screwdriver operated rotary address switches, accessible from front and one side
  • Clips for top hat 35 mm DIN rail
  • Two mounting holes
  • Compatible with Pertronic F220 and F100A analogue addressable fire panels


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AA Euro 240Vac Relay Module with isolator (A) with Integral Mounting Box

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