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F120A Fan Control Switch Unit

Fan Control Switch Unit

The Pertronic Fan Control Switch Unit (FCSU) and Fan Reset Unit (FRU) are used by the Pertronic F220 addressable fire alarm system to control the fans used for clean air, stairwell pressurisation, smoke exhaust, and other purposes; they are designed to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 1668.

The Fan Control Switch Unit is easily set up and has been designed specifically to be an integrated part of the F120 Fan Control Block (FCB) software function.


  • Monitors and controls fans in AS 1668-compliant smoke control and air handling systems
  • Controls AS 1668 fans through a building services interface
  • Fully compatible with the Pertronic Network
  • Fan Control Block software in the Pertronic F220 fire alarm control panel implements timing and control functions to AS 1668
  • Configurable for clean air or smoke exhaust and pressurisation operation
  • Configurable for cascade or non-cascade operation
  • Multiple control option allows several fans to be controlled from a single F220 Fan Control Unit
  • A detailed record of fan control system events is stored in the fire alarm panel history log
  • Each fan control unit has a window for a slide-in label
  • Also compatible with Pertronic F120A

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F120A/F220 Fan Control Switch Module


F120A/F220 Fan Control Slave Switch Module


F120A/F220 Damper Controller Switch Module


F120A/F220 Damper Controller Slave Switch Module

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