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Multi-Function Loop Responder

Loop responder smd

The Pertronic Multi-Function Loop Responder (AALR-MFA) connects to a Pertronic analogue addressable (AA) signalling loop circuit. The loop responder interfaces with devices such as conventional detection zone circuits, sprinkler flow switches, aspirating detectors, or SCADA systems.

The loop responder has eight inputs and one output. The inputs may be configured as:

  • Smoke: To monitor conventional zone circuits containing smoke and/or heat detectors and manual call-points, using one input per zone, or
  • Switch: To monitor any device with voltage-free switch contacts, such as sprinkler flow switches, beam detectors, aspirating detector systems, SCADA systems, or similar devices. Switch inputs are supervised for wiring faults.

The following configurable input modes are available:

  • Eight detection zone inputs
  • Eight switch inputs
  • Four zones and four switch inputs
  • Four zones only
  • Four switch inputs only

In a typical application, for example, two inputs may be connected to the Alarm and Fault outputs of an aspirating smoke detector, while up to four other inputs may be connected to conventional detection zones.

The relay output may be connected as either a clean form C (change-over) contact, or as a supervised speaker connection to a 100 V line, or as a 12 Vdc to 24 Vdc bell circuit (notification appliance circuit).

A limited number of loop responders may be powered from an analogue addressable loop. Alternatively, an isolated external 24 Vdc power supply may be used.

The loop responder has a built-in isolator. If the loop responder detects a short-circuit in the signalling circuit (loop) cable, the isolator disconnects the shorted segment. This ensures that the loop responder continues to communicate with the fire alarm control panel over the undamaged side of the signalling circuit (loop).

A single short-circuit or open-circuit fault will not prevent correct operation of the loop responder.


  • Analogue addressable (AA) module with eight inputs and one output
  • Connects to the signalling loop circuit on a Pertronic F220 fire system
  • Five optional input modes, selected by PCB-mounted rotary switch
  • Switch selectable power source: AA loop or external power supply
  • Provides a configurable form C (change-over) relay output which may be configured as:
    -  One voltage-free change-over relay output, or
    -  Supervised speaker switch connection to a 100 Volt line or a 12 Vdc to 24 Vdc bell (notification appliance) circuit
  • Rotary address switches
  • Built-in short-circuit isolator ensures normal operation, even with a single short-circuit or open-circuit fault in the signalling loop wiring
  • PCB-mounted seven-segment display provides status information for off-normal events
  • A cabinet is available from Pertronic, with space for one or two Multi-Function Loop Responders
  • Direct replacement for AA Loop Responder AALRES-A, F100LR-A
  • Also compatible with Pertronic F100A and F120A

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