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Conventional Zone Interface

M210E CZR small

The Conventional Zone Interface (M210E-CZR) links a conventional detection zone to a Pertronic analogue addressable fire alarm control panel, such as the F220, via the AA loop.

The M210E-CZR has an inbuilt resistor. This makes it especially suitable for use with detection zones in hazardous areas.

The conventional zone can be powered from the analogue addressable loop or from an external power supply.

Where the conventional zone is powered from an external power supply, the AA loop is fully isolated from the conventional zone and from the power supply.


  • Tri-Colour status LED
  • Remote reset of conventional zone
  • Detection zone may be powered from AA loop or external 24 Volt dc power supply
  • Monitoring of external power supply
  • Built-in isolation
  • Supervises for open-circuit and short-circuit faults
  • External fault input
  • Fits M200E-SMB mounting box, or M200E-DIN module rack + M200E-PMB panel mount bracket connection

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AA Module Conventional Zone Interface - Euro (Uses M200E-SMB Box)

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