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Mini AA Input Module


The M501M Mini-Module is designed to fit inside devices or inside junction boxes, behind the devices. It is may be used to interface with contact devices, such as security contacts, water-flow switches, Manual Call-Points etc. It cannot be used to supply power to any device, such as conventional detectors.

Conventional four-wire smoke detectors can be monitored through the Alarm contacts, wired across the initiating circuit of the module, but they still require a separate power source. In addition to transmitting the supervised state of the monitored device (Normal, Short/Alarm or Open) the full analogue measurement of the supervised circuit is sent to the panel. The advantage of this additional feature is that impedance changes in the supervised loop to the monitored device can be detected.


  • Analogue addressable communications
  • Interface with sprinkler switches, 4-wire conventional detectors etc.
  • Direct dial decade address entry
  • Low standby current
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Independently tested and SAI Global StandardsMark certified to AS ISO 7240.18:2015

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AA Single Input Mini Module

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