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M500DMR Module

Dual Input / Output Module


The System Sensor M500DMR Analogue Addressable Dual Input, Dual Output Module supervises two input circuits from external switch devices and also provides two unmonitored single pole volt-free changeover contacts for external devices. Input channels are capable of both latched and analogue supervision: there are three separate latched states, normal, open circuit and combined alarm/short. The analogue supervision continuously monitors the supervised circuit, returning a signal proportional to the circuit resistance.
The module may be mounted in either a wall box, on a DIN rail, or inside any type of enclosure. Irrespective of the chosen mounting method, the address switch is both visible and accessible for selection.
To assist maintenance and fault-finding, both the LEDs and the address switches are visible without removing the surface mounting box cover.
The M500DMR incorporates a loop isolator that isolates the loop in and loop out connections in the event of a short circuit on either loop connection.


  • Dual Input, Dual Output Module
  • Input 2 (I2) and Relay 2 (R2) may be disabled individually using module DIP switches
  • Incorporates an Isolator for the Analogue Addressable Loop
  • Uses 2, 3 or 4 module address spaces
  • Common mechanical platform for box, panel and DIN rail mount versions
  • Decade Address switches visible and selectable in two planes
  • Wide angle LED visibility

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AA Dual Input, Dual Output Module (Uses M200E-SMB Box)

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