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Isolate Timer Module

isolate timer

The Pertronic Isolate Timer Module (ITM) provides a Countdown Timer for isolating a zone for a pre-determined period. It may be used to isolate devices in a particular zone, when work that is being performed may cause an alarm activation.


  • Allows a zone to be isolated at the push of a button
  • Provides the ability to isolate a zone for a programmable period of time
  • Provides visual indication that the zone has been isolated by the panel
  • Displays the current status of the isolated Zone, i.e. Normal or Alarm
  • Provides Visual and Audible warning that the isolated countdown period is about to expire May be mounted in standard single-gang flush or surface-mount electrical fittings and is supplied with a protective plastic cover for installation during building construction
  • Analogue mode: connects to a Pertronic F220, F120A and F100A analogue addressable loop
  • Stand-Alone mode: connects to conventional fire panels or third party fire detection equipment

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AA Isolate Timer Module

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