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Addressable Fan Control Unit

Fan Controller

The Pertronic AA Fan Control System is used with Pertronic analogue addressable fire alarm control panels to monitor and control fans associated with AS1668-compliant smoke control or air handling systems. The system controls AS 1668 fans through a building services interface, automatically controlling fans and other air handling devices based on the status of detectors, fan control units and mechanical building services.

A single Fan Control has two main components: The control unit; and the Pertronic Analogue Addressable Fan Control Relay. A fire alarm system based on a Pertronic analogue addressable panel may include many individual fan controls, each of which has at least one control unit and one fan control relay. The fan control relay is usually located near a mechanical services switchboard associated with the fan. Control units are normally mounted on the fire alarm panel.

The Fan Control System is easily configured and incorporated into a Pertronic analogue addressable Fire Alarm System. The controller’s simplicity of design and operation, coupled with its microprocessor based solid-state circuitry make the unit flexible to install and reliable to operate. The Analogue Addressable Fan Control Relay and its associated Fan Control Unit(s) communicate over the analogue addressable loop.

The Analogue Addressable Fan Control Relay must be connected to the same loop as its associated control unit(s). Installation and configuration should be undertaken in conformance with the requirements of AS/NZS 1668.


  • Monitors and controls fans in AS1668-compliant smoke control systems
  • Controls AS1668 fans through a building services interface
  • Configurable for Clean Air or Smoke Exhaust and Pressurisation operation
  • AA Fan Control Unit and AA Fan Control Slave Unit implement timing and control functions to AS1668
  • AA Fan Control Relay has a built-in AA loop isolator
  • Multiple control option allows several fans to be controlled from a single AA Fan Control Unit
  • Each control unit has a window for a slide-in label

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