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Net2 Network Card


The Pertronic F220 High Capacity Net2 Network Card (NET2CARD) is the central building block for the Pertronic Net2 Network system.

A Net2 Network Card may be configured to interface one of the following devices to a Pertronic Net2 Network. 

  • F220 fire alarm control panel (FACP)
  • Modbus master device
  • FireMap work-station 

Pertronic FireMap™ Interface

When configured as a FireMap interface, the Net2 Network Card interfaces the entire Net2 Network with a FireMap workstation, over a TCP/IP Ethernet connection.


When configured as a Modbus interface, the Net2 Network Card provides a supervised bi-directional interface between a Net2 Network System and a Modbus Master device such as a building management system.

The network card provides 3,000 Boolean Nodal Mapping Objects (NMO). NMOs may be configured as Modbus coils, discrete inputs, holding registers, or input registers. (A Modbus register can hold up to 16 NMOs). Any F220 FACP object within the Net2 network system may be mapped to any NMO.

Network Remote Displays and Peripherals

Net2 peripherals including network remote control and display units may be connected to the network card via the Network Peripheral Bus, which can communicate with up to eight Net2 NCUs or Net2 Mini-Mimics.

Net2 Architecture

The Net2 Network Card connects with the Net2 Ring Circuit via two bi-directional ports: Net In and Net Out. The standard ports are electrically-isolated half-duplex RS-485 connections. The ports may be configured as single-mode or multi-mode fibre-optic ports by installing FIBNET modules.


  • Up to 133 Net2 Network Cards may be connected in a single Net2 Network system
  • Interfaces an F220 FACP, Modbus device, or FireMap workstation to the Net2 system
  • Two half-duplex RS-485 network ports (Net In, Net Out) with built-in terminating resistors
  • Optional dual-fibre-optic full-duplex network ports (single-mode or multi-mode versions)
  • Isolates any faulty ring segment
  • Bi-directional Modbus interface provides:
  • 3,000 Boolean Nodal Mapping Objects (NMOs)
  • Ability to map up to 8 timers from any panels on the network to Modbus registers. (Multiple timers may be mapped to a single register. The total number of mapped timers must not exceed 8.)
  • Mappable I/O watchdog
  • If the watchdog detects an error, it will deactivate any mappings affected by that error
  • Communicates with an F220 FACP via the F220 Internal High-Speed RS-485 Bus
  • The Net2Card’s Network Peripheral Bus provides an RS-485 data circuit and a 24 Vdc (nominal) power circuit.
  • Bus data circuit communicates with up to 8 Net2 NCUs or Net2 Mini-Mimics
  • Bus power circuit powers 1 or 2 Net2 NCUs or Net2 Mini-Mimics (depending on brightness settings)
  • Additional Net2 NCUs or Net2 Mini-Mimics require suitable power supplies (for example, the main power supply of a fire indicator panel).
  • On-board clock with super-capacitor backup power maintains system time for at least 24 hours without system power
  • Automatically creates a complete configuration backup of all network card and networked panels whenever a USB stick is plugged in
  • Earth fault detection on the Net Out port
  • USB host port
  • RJ45 10/100 Ethernet port for FireMap or Modbus

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