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ARC O/P Tester

Release Circuit Output Tester


The Pertronic Release Circuit Output Tester (ARCTEST) allows an ARC detonate output to be tested without activating the single-use actuating device or releasing the fire suppression agent.

The tester is designed for use in suppression agent release systems controlled by Pertronic Agent Release Controllers (AGENTRELEASEC). The tester connects to the release circuit cable, in place of the actuating device. The indicator LED on the tester shows red when the release circuit is energised.

The Pertronic Release Circuit Output Tester (ARCTEST) is fitted with two male connector pins and fits directly on to an Ansul release circuit drop cable.

The tester is non-polarised, and may be connected to the drop cable connector in either orientation.

Note: For correct operation of the agent release controller's fault supervision system, a Pertronic solenoid interface should be connected to the agent release controller's detonate output. The ARCTEST should be connected (via the drop cable) to the output of the solenoid interface.


1. Disable the suppression system following normal fire system maintenance and safety procedures

2. Disconnect the release circuit drop cable from the actuating device (solenoid or detonator)

3. Fit the Release Circuit Output Tester to the end of the release circuit drop cable

4. Watch the LED on the tester, and activate the release circuit

5. The LED will glow red if the release circuit is working properly

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Agent Release Controller Detonator Output Tester

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