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ARC2 Controller

Agent Release Controller AS4214:2018


The Pertronic Extinguishing Agent Release Controller (ARC2) is the central component of the Pertronic Extinguishing Agent Release System. The system is designed to control gas flood equipment. It may also be used to control other fire suppression systems.

The ARC2 is designed for installation in a fire panel. This can be a Pertronic F220©, F100A, F16e, or a third-party fire panel.

The controller monitors the fire panel for alarm signals. In the default “Double-Knock Auto” mode, the ARC requires two separate alarm signals in order to activate the agent discharge process. In “Single-Knock Auto” mode, the agent discharge process is triggered by a single alarm signal.

The agent discharge process can also be activated by manually activating the yellow call point on any connected control station (ACS2 or LCS2).

A single fire panel may be factory-fitted with multiple Extinguishing Agent Release Controllers. Each controller requires one Pertronic Agent Control Station, which is mounted on or near the fire panel.


  • Provides an RS-485 bus for connection with an Agent Control Station and up to nine Local Control Stations
  • Programmable Features:
    • Alarm Input (“Single Knock” or “Double Knock”)
    • Auto Discharge Delay
    • Manual Discharge Delay
    • Release Output Hold Time
    • Pressure Switch Feedback
    • Low Pressure Fault Input
  • On-board System Isolate switch
  • Supervised Outputs:
    • Detonation
    • Dual stage two-wire dual polarity sign output
    • Two-wire “System Inoperative” sign output
  • Non-Supervised Outputs:
    • Activation Stage 1
    • Activation Stage 2
    • Agent Released
    • Agent Release System Fault
  • A Pertronic agent release system must include one Agent Release Controller

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Agent Release Controller AS4214:2018


Agent Release Controller AS4214:2018; with conformal coating



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