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Solenoid Interface

Agent Release Solenoid Interface Modules

ARCSI MM small

Pertronic Solenoid Interfaces allow analogue addressable control modules and the Pertronic Agent Release Controller to activate and supervise a wide range of solenoids.

There are two groups of solenoid interfaces:

  • ARCSI, BUR-2509-10K, HIR-GDM-10K: For use with the Pertronic Extinguishing Agent Release Controller, the Pertronic Loop Relay (see note), and the Pertronic Multi-Function Loop Responder
  • ARCSI-MM, BUR-2509-47K, HIR-GDM-47K: For use with System Sensor modules such as the M500S or SC-6

These interfaces have end-of-line (EOL) resistors which allow reverse-polarity fault supervision systems to detect open-circuit faults including disconnected or open-circuit solenoids. The fault supervision system will also identify a short-circuit fault in the cabling between control module and solenoid interface, but not a short-circuit across the solenoid itself.

Usable current capacity is limited by the capacity of the control module’s relay output.
Pertronic Solenoid Interfaces are not suitable for solenoids with built-in bridge rectifiers or back emf diodes. A bridge rectifier or back emf diode may prevent the interface reliably detecting an open circuit fault in the solenoid. The solenoid interface incorporates appropriate back emf protection.

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Solenoid Interface for Burkert 2509 Cable Plug (10k EOL)


Solenoid Interface for Burkert 2509 Cable Plug (47k EOL)


Solenoid Interface for Hirschmann GDM Valve Connector (10k EOL)


Solenoid Interface for Hirschmann GDM Valve Connector (47k EOL)


Agent Release Solenoid Interface


Agent Release Solenoid Interface - Module Monitored


Agent Release Solenoid Interface Module Mounted & Monitored



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