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Agent Release Solenoid Interface

ARCSI MM small

Pertronic ARCSI and ARCSI-MM solenoid interfaces allow analogue addressable control modules and the Pertronic Agent Release Controller (ARC) to activate and supervise (monitor) a wide range of solenoids.

There are two solenoid interfaces:

  • ARCSI (Agent Release Solenoid Interface): For use with the Pertronic Extinguishing Agent Release Controller, the Pertronic Loop Relay, and the Pertronic Multi-Function Loop Responder
  • ARCSI-MM (Agent Release Solenoid Interface - Module Monitored): For use with System Sensor modules such as the M500S or SC-6

These interfaces have end-of-line (EOL) resistors which allow reverse-polarity fault supervision systems to identify open-circuit faults including disconnected or open-circuit solenoids. The fault supervision system will also identify a short-circuit fault in the cabling between control module and solenoid interface, but not a short circuit across the solenoid itself.

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Agent Release Solenoid Interface


Agent Release Solenoid Interface - Module Monitored



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