Extinguishing Agent Release Systems

Pertronic Industries offer a range of Extinguishing Agent Release products that provide cost effective, powerful and flexible solutions.

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F220 Extinguishing Agent Release System


The Pertronic F220 Extinguishing Agent Release System provides automatic control of one or more fire suppression systems.

The system is based on the Pertronic F220 analogue addressable fire alarm control panel, together with the Pertronic Extinguishing Agent Release Controller (ARC). A single F220 panel may be fitted with multiple ARCs. Each ARC provides control, fault supervision, and monitoring for one fire suppression system.

The control panel is fitted with one Pertronic Agent Control Station for each ARC. The Agent Control Station has a keyboard and display panel providing status and fault indication for the associated ARC and the suppression system.

In addition to the control station mounted on the panel, each ARC may communicate with up to nine additional control stations. Two types of control stations are available: The Agent Control Station (ACS), and the Local Control Station (LCS). The ACS has a Time to Discharge count-down timer, status indicator LEDs, local buzzer mute control, Auto Release Disabled button, and a full set of fault indicating LEDs. The LCS is similar to the ACS, however, it does not have the fault indicator LEDs.

The Auto Release Disabled button on any ACS or LCS may be used to prevent extinguishing release at any time, including after the automatic discharge process has been initiated. Each control station also has a lift-flap break-glass manual call point (MCP), allowing the agent release process to be triggered manually.

The F220 Extinguishing Agent Release System includes indoor and weatherproof audio-visual (AV) signs. AV signs are available with a range of messages and audible alarm signals, and an optional high-visibility count-down timer.

F220 Extinguishing Agent Release Panels are available in a range of cabinet sizes and styles, including weatherproof.


  • Fire suppression control system based on Pertronic F220 analogue addressable fire indicator panel
  • An F220 Extinguishing Control Panel may be fitted with multiple Agent Release Controllers (ARC)
  • Available in a range of cabinet sizes
  • Automatic or Manual agent release process
  • Automatic release can be disabled or aborted from any control station
  • Multiple controllers can be manually triggered from a single device
  • Meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS ISO 14520.1-2009

Agent Release Controller Features (per controller)

  • Automatic delay is configurable, from 5 seconds to 90 seconds
  • Manual delay configurable, independent of automatic delay, from 5 seconds to 90 seconds
  • Communicates with up to nine external control stations (ACS or LCS)
  • RS485 bus for communication with control stations
  • Agent release output hold time configurable: 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 5 minutes
  • Low pressure fault input
  • Pressure switch feedback confirms release (optional)

Ordering Information

Product Code



F220, 10U cabinet with 2 Loops, 5APSU, c/w AGENT RELEASE CONTROL


F220, 16U Cabinet with 2 Loops, 5 Amp PSU, c/w ARC


F220, 16U Cabinet with 2 Loops, 11 Amp PSU, c/w ARC


F220, 28U Slim Cabinet with 2 Loops, 5 Amp PSU c/w ARC, WHITE rackplates


F220, 28U Slim Cabinet with 2 Loops 11 Amp PSU c/w ARC, White rackplates



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