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FireMap Pager

Messaging Interface for FireMap Graphics System

FireMap Pager

Pertronic FireMap Messaging Interface (FIREMAP-PAGER) is a software extension that enables Pertronic FireMap® systems to automatically send email, pager, or printed messages in response to pre-determined events.

The interface may be configured with multiple messages. Each message may include any mix of pre-defined text and FireMap database field values, such as device descriptors and event types. For example, a message might say that an alarm occurred at a certain time, initiated by a smoke detector in a certain part of a facility.

Each message may be initiated by a specific event, such as an alarm or fault, from any device, zone, or fire panel. Triggering events include inputs to analogue addressable devices such as loop responders or FireMap Ethernet gateways (FMEGATE). The system can be configured to send multiple messages in response to a single initiating event.

Each message can be individually tested.

Used in conjunction with an external SMS interface, Pertronic FireMap Messaging Interface may be configured to trigger text (SMS) messages.

The interface has a suspend function which halts messaging output for a pre-configured time period. This may be used, for example, to prevent transmission of nuisance messages during fire system testing or maintenance. The interface automatically returns to normal operation after the pre-configured suspend time period.


  • Easy to use configuration screens
  • Flexible message editing system
  • Practically unlimited number of messages
  • Each message may be configured for email, pager, or printer
  • Message Test feature allows the user to manually trigger a sample of any selected message
  • Messages are transmitted via TCP/IP (Ethernet), RS-232, or a printer port
  • Messages may be triggered by any event reported by any analogue addressable device
  • Automatic start-up on reboot
  • Configurable suspend period for pre-planned down-time
  • Configurable automatic retries for failed connections
  • Full control over which connections are enabled or disabled on startup
  • Simple integration with existing Pertronic FireMap® installations
  • Configuration settings may be exported, allowing an existing FIREMAP-PAGER installation to be cloned or reconstructed by importing the saved configuration settings


1. FireMap Pager v3.xx is compatible only with Pertronic FireMap® v3.xx or later. For earlier versions, please contact your nearest Pertronic office.

2. Messages are not able to be triggered by Modbus register values (NMOs).

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Messaging Interface for FireMap Graphics System

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