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Pertronic FireMap is an economical fire system management tool that adds advanced features to any fire system.

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Pertronic FireMap® is an economical fire system management tool that adds advanced features to any fire detection and alarm system.

FireMap provides remote monitoring and graphic-based touch-screen control of Pertronic analogue addressable fire systems. FireMap can also control and monitor other equipment, including building management system equipment and non-Pertronic fire alarm systems.

Whenever a monitored fire system originates an alarm:

  • FireMap sounds an audible warning and automatically displays a map of the zone that triggered the alarm, with the active zone outlined in red
  • FireMap’s status window displays the word “Alarm” and details of the location
  • Fire indicator panels with active alarms are highlighted in red on the FireMap display
  • In Pertronic analogue addressable fire systems, FireMap’s smart icons map the active detectors in red.

FireMap’s information storage and retrieval capabilities provide quick and easy access to additional information, including contact information for key personnel, response procedures, and photographs. In Pertronic analogue addressable systems, authorised FireMap users are able to acknowledge alarms, reset devices from alarm mode, and disable or enable devices or zones directly from any FireMap workstation.

In suitably-configured Pertronic F220/Net2 systems, FireMap provides full control of fire system functions.


  • Monitors any fire system, together with external inputs and configured BMS functions
  • Provides full or limited control of Pertronic F220/ Net2 systems and BMS functions, according to the configuration of each connected F220/Net2 system
  • Distinctive individual tone for each event type
  • Configurable map selection: Automatically display map with oldest or newest current alarm
  • Displays precise location of each addressable device
  • Colour coded display of events, device status, and zone status
  • Easily-defined clickable links and custom buttons provide intuitive, user-configurable navigation
  • Automatically displays map for fault events
  • Monitors fire system devices even if they have not been assigned to maps
  • Connects with single or multiple individual fire indicator panels, together with networked panels
  • Monitors custom inputs via Pertronic Ethernet Gateway (NET2GATE)
  • Shows the overall system status of each connected fire system
  • Imports Pertronic panel configuration text files for device data and location details
  • User-friendly zone boundary creation, map editing, and map annotation
  • User ‘note’ leaving function for other users
  • Loop device status download
  • Pager and email messaging option available
  • Simple synchronization of panel configuration and graphics database
  • Current view print option at all times
  • Ethernet connection to fire systems and BMS
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10

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