Fire Graphic System

Pertronic Industries Fire Graphics offers an economical fire system management tool that adds advanced features to any fire system.

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Graphic System


The Pertronic FireMap Graphics Display System has been designed with ‘ease of use’ as a paramount objective. Users are assigned security levels and passwords by the system manager to allow access to those features they need. The system allows navigation via a hierarchical map navigation view, which is always visible. In the event of an Alarm, the relevant map is automatically shown, indicating the position of the device in Alarm, along with the event details.


  • Accepts single or multiple individual or networked Pertronic panel connections
  • Connection via direct RS232 or Ethernet (LAN)
  • Gateway Interface option for individual panels (RS232–LAN conversion)
  • Commercial RS232–LAN converter option for network interfaces
  • Imports F120A and F100A panel configuration text files for device data and location details
  • Allows the user to carry out all map editing functions, including placement or movement of devices, using simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality Simple synchronization of panel configuration and graphics database
  • Visibility of devices not yet placed onto maps
  • Displays precise positioning of individual addressable devices within maps
  • Colour coded display of each device’s current status
  • Utilizes jpg or bmp format files for map creation
  • User creation of zone boundaries
  • Current view print option at all times
  • Overall system status indication by panel
  • Configurable ‘Home’ view page
  • Different distinctive sounds for event types
  • User ‘note’ leaving function for other users
  • Allows individual device or zone isolation and reset from alarm
  • Panel/s can be individually directly controlled and interrogated from the PC
  • Multiple user access with security login

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