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VESDA Aspire

VESDA Aspire Software V3.07

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VESDA ASPIRE is a Windows®-based application that simplifies pipe network specification and design for aspirating smoke detection systems based on VESDA detectors. The software has tools for speeding up the design process, and for optimising network performance and installation quality. ASPIRE automatically generates component lists ("BOM"). It also generates an installation data pack for use by installers.

The Pipe Design Wizard allows a user to quickly transcribe a pipe network design into ASPIRE. Adding a component such as a pipe, elbow or sampling point requires only a single click. Pipe network components are easily moved by clicking and dragging. The 3D View updates as the pipe network is built, allowing interactive network editing by mouse. Multiple instances of ASPIRE are able to run concurrently. With the drag and drop feature, detectors, individual pipes, branches, etc, can be copied and shared between designs.

Pipe network performance requirements can be entered as standard criteria (for example, EN54-20 Class B). Alternatively, the designer can directly specify performance parameters such as transport time and sensitivity.

ASPIRE's AutoBalance function automatically calculates sampling hole sizes to suit drill bit sizes specified by the designer. Alternatively, the designer can manually set the hole sizes, and ASPIRE will calculate the predicted system performance.

ASPIRE is able to save standard design parameters for particular applications. For example, certain applications require specific transport time and sampling hole pressures, and certain environments impose specific conditions such as low temperatures. These parameters can be saved for use in multiple projects. The Group function in ASPIRE allows users to set different performance criteria for different areas of a building. For example, the design may need to cover a computer room (with high sensitivity and high air flows), and a manufacturing area (with less sensitivity).

The Installation Data Pack (IDP) contains a set of reports that describe the pipe network, detailing the locations of components, their settings, and the expected system performance. Data and diagrams from the IDP can be printed (in colour) or copied and pasted into other programs such as Microsoft® Excel® or Microsoft® Word®. ASPIRE allows notes to be made on any element of the pipe design. These notes are stored in the project file and are shown in the IDP.


  • Assists optimum design of VESDA aspirating smoke detection pipe networks, including VESDA ECO gas detection and environmental monitoring
  • Accurately models pipe network designs according to environmental performance criteria
  • User-friendly interface that allows easy manipulation and handling of design in terms of adding branches, drop pipes, bends, etc.
  • Live display of total pipe length and number of sampling holes
  • Highlights any parameter that exceeds specified limits
  • Automatic sampling hole size adjustment
  • Accommodates specific building constraints
  • Allows different detector performance requirements within one building
  • Interactive 3D view to aid design
  • Multilevel “undo” and “redo”
  • Autosave
  • Standard keyboard shortcuts
  • Custom design elements can be documented for installation guidance
  • Inclusion of special fittings (valves, water traps, socket unions and refrigerated sampling points) to achieve an accurate BOM
  • Exhaust included in flow calculations
  • Professional reports and materials lists can be generated to add to client submissions
  • Supports both imperial and metric measurement systems
  • Compatible with other Windows® – based applications
  • Set multiple detector alarm thresholds within a detector
  • Sampling point sensitivity tab to confirm EN 54-20 or NFPA compliance
  • Introduction of safety factor when setting the detector’s sensitivity to achieve an EN54-20 class




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