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F220/Net2 Network System Layout Tool

net2Card USB

The Pertronic F220/Net2 Network System Layout Tool creates a data table which represents the layout of an F220/Net2 network.

The tool scans a connected Net2 network system and creates a table listing each connected Net2 network card, its MAC address, and its dial address. The table also shows the connections to each port (NET IN and NET OUT) on each connected network card.

The F220/Net2 Network System Layout Tool can help diagnose the following problems:

  • The location(s) of a network loop mis-connection(s)
  • The location of a single cable break or faulty node
  • Duplicate dial addresses

The data table is saved as a *.csv file on a USB memory stick. The file can be opened in with a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets (in Google Docs), or LibreOffice Calc.

On a very large network with 130+ nodes, the scanning process may take up to 20 minutes. On a smaller network the process is very quick.

Running the Net2 Network System Layout Tool does not affect the installed firmware. However, The connected network card will be off-line during the copying process. Please ensure appropriate measures are in place while the fire system is partially off-line.

To use the Net2 Network System Layout Tool:

  • Download the *.zip file from the Software link (below)
  • Open the *zip file
  • Follow the instructions in readme.txt

The F220 masterboard or Net2 Network Card will be out of service until it has been rebooted.
It is vital to reboot the board by pressing the RESET switch as described in readme.txt.

Ordering Information

Pertronic Net2LayoutTool is available free to authorised customers.

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