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Analogue Addressable Beam Smoke Detector

OSI R SS angled

The OSI-RIE-34 is an analogue addressable reflected beam smoke detector. The detector transmits a beam of infra-red light toward a reflector up to 100 metres from the transmitter-receiver. The beam is reflected back to the transmitter-receiver where the in-coming signal is analysed. If the beam is obscured by smoke, the detector initiates a fire alarm.

The OSI-RIE-34 transmitter-receiver connects to an analogue addressable circuit on a Pertronic F220 or F100A fire panel. The reflector requires no cabling unless it is fitted with the optional anti-condensation heater.


The infrared transmitter and imager (receiver) are mounted in a lens assembly (“eyeball”) that can move 20° vertically and 50° horizontally. The transmitter-receiver has four coloured arrows which are visible when the cover is removed. These arrows light up during the alignment process, guiding the user to manually align the lense assembly.


  • Combined transmitter-receiver unit with 12° field of view
  • Operates over a distance of 5 to 100 metres between transmitter-receiver and reflector
  • Analogue addressable communication
  • Compatible with Pertronic F220 and F100A fire panel AA circuits
  • Rotary address switches
  • Simple and intuitive beam alignment procedure
  • Automatically sets the alarm threshold
  • Tolerates up to ± 1° movement of mounting locations
  • Resistant to strong light sources; does not alarm when saturated by sunlight
  • Complete blockage of the beam initiates a fault signal
  • Beam adjustment range: ± 50° horizontal and ± 20° vertical
  • Transmitter-receiver has a built-in anti-condensation lense heater
  • Remote test station available for simulated smoke test from ground level
  • Standby, fault and alarm LED indicators visible from the front and bottom
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Colour: White
  • Paintable cover (see note)
  • Plug-in terminal blocks, 2 mm²
  • Optional anti-condensation heater kit available for the reflector
  • Powered from the analogue addressable loop
  • Independently tested and SAI Global StandardsMark certified to AS 7240.12:2018

NOTES: DO NOT paint the main housing or eyeball. Only the removable cover is paintable.

The transmitter-receiver's integral lense heater cannot be powered from the analogue addressable circuit. The heater requires an external 24 V dc (nominal) power supply capable of supplying at least 0.5 amp.

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Analogue Addressable OSID Beam c/w Reflector (100m)


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