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FAAST XM Conventional Aspirating Smoke Detector

faast 8100

The FAAST 8100 Conventional Aspirating Smoke Detector combines dual source (blue LED and infrared laser) optical smoke detection with a superior air sampling system and advanced detection algorithms.

The detector provides class A, B or C smoke detection, using an air sampling system that continuously draws air from the controlled environment into the detector chamber through a sampling pipe.

The three-stage filtering and particle rejection system ensures high sensitivity to smoke with excellent immunity to nuisance particles. The particle separator ensures that heavy particles bypass the detection chamber, extending filter life and preventing detection chamber contamination.

The FAAST 8100 offers two adaptable sensitivity modes. In Acclimate™ mode, the detector automatically adjusts itself to current environmental conditions to reduce nuisance alarms. Day/Night/Weekend mode enables technicians to preset alarm thresholds based on routine changes in the environment.

Users are guided through pipe layout design and detector configuration by the FAAST PipeIQ* design, configuration and monitoring software.


  • ActivFire: afp -2763
  • Draws air through a network of sampling pipes
  • Detection as precise as 0.0015 %/m obscuration
  • Five alarm levels and two sensitivity modes provide application flexibility
  • Dual flow detection including ultrasonic and electronic sensing for pipe and chamber airflow measurement
  • Advanced detection algorithms reject common nuisance conditions
  • Patented particle separator and field-replaceable filter remove contaminants from the system
  • PipeIQ® software provides intuitive system layout, configuration, and monitoring all in one package
  • Onboard Ethernet interface enables remote monitoring and e-mail status updates
  • Monitoring and configuration via Modbus/TCP protocol over Ethernet
  • Fault indictors exhibit a broad spectrum of events
  • Unique air flow pendulum graph verifies pipe network functionality
  • Particulate graph displays subtle environmental changes for early problem indications
  • PipeIQ™ software provides intuitive system layout and configuration in one package

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