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FAAST XS Conventional Aspirating Smoke Detector

FAAST 7100x

The FAAST XS Conventional Aspirating Smoke Detector (7100X) combines dual source (blue LED and infrared laser) optical smoke detection with advanced detection algorithms and a wide-area sampling system.

The detector incorporates an air sampling system that continuously draws air from the controlled environment into the detector chamber through a sampling pipe. The three-stage filtering and particle rejection system ensures high sensitivity to smoke with excellent immunity to nuisance particles. The particle separator ensures that heavy particles bypass the detection chamber, extending filter life and preventing detection chamber contamination. An easily replaceable filter protects the chamber from other large particles. The shape of the detection chamber is designed to resist the build-up of nuisance particles. The dual source sensing system employs advanced software to combine the signals from two separate light sensors for maximum smoke sensitivity whilerejecting signals from nuisance particles. FAAST 7100X can accurately detect incipient fire conditions as early as 60 minutes before a fire actually starts.

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