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MCP5A-RP01SG-P088-01 MCP

Manual Call Point, Break Glass

MCP5A Break Glass

This product has been replaced by theMCP5A-RP02SF-K013-01.

Analogue Addressable manual call point (MCP5A) is designed to provide a manual interface for raising an Alarm on the Fire Alarm System.

The MCP5A communicates with the Fire Alarm Control Panel over a two-wire analogue addressable communication circuit. The device also provides local LED indication of alarm activation.

A micro-switch is held in the OFF position by the break-glass. On pushing the glass, it fractures safely, due to a protective plastic coating, then drops down to release the switch. Internal electronics immediately notify the Fire Alarm Control Panel of the activation. The Fire Alarm Control Panel responds by turning on the integral Alarm LED for visual acknowledgement.

With the MCP5A addressable capability, each call-point address is easily set with rotary decade address switches, giving the precise location of each call-point in the event of manual activation.

The Manual Call-Point must be used with a Clear Tamper Resistant Cover (PS200) for compliance with AS 1670.1:2015.

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KAC Break Glass AA Manual Callpoint (Red) - with mounting box


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