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AFI Display Board

0601 AFI Display

The Pertronic AFI Display System provides a zonal AFI (Alarm, Fault, Isolate) display according to the format specified in AS 4428.1-1998. The system includes the LED AFI Controller (LEDAFIC) and the 8-Way AFI Display. A single controller is capable of driving several displays, with each 8-Way AFI Display providing AFI information for up to eight zones.

The controller interprets commands from the fire alarm panel panel’s Mimic Bus (RS-485) and drives the Ancillary Peripheral Bus, which in turn drives the 8-Way AFI Displays.

The LEDs are mapped in the Pertronic fire alarm panel configuration as LED Outputs. Each LED has an address on the Ancillary Peripheral Bus. A set of rotary switches on the controller unit defines the panel LED Number corresponding to the first address on the Ancillary Peripheral Bus.

The Ancillary Peripheral Bus is monitored for faults and supplies DC power to the display units. The Ancillary Peripheral Bus must be terminated to ensure correct operation of the fault-monitoring system.

The maximum number of 8-Way AFI Displays that may be connected to a single controller is limited by the current capacity of the Mimic Bus (RS-485). The total load must not exceed 500 mA, including the current drawn by the controller, its on-board outputs, and all 8-Way AFI Displays.

The Pertronic AFI Display System may be mounted inside a Pertronic fire alarm panel or at any convenient remote location up to approximately 1.2 km from the fire alarm panel.

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8 Way "AFI" Display Board + Zone Label Plate (for F100,F120) Needs LEDAFIC

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